Who We Are

Organized in 1982, the Bronxville Beautification Council (BBC) is a not-for-profit organization administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. The mission of the BBC is to enhance and maintain the natural and man-made beauty of the village of Bronxville, with an emphasis on the downtown business district.

How We Do It

The BBC is successful thanks to the generous support from the Bronxville community. Fully funded by donations, the BBC holds an annual appeal drive to raise funds in order to support its ongoing projects.  The BBC also seeks to collaborate with other local organizations dedicated to the maintenance of the appearance and upkeep of our village. Additionally, we co-host the annual garden party in partnership with a local resident. This fundraising event aims to bring the community together to enjoy one of Bronxville’s beautiful private gardens while enjoying some lively entertainment and delicious food.

Bronxville Beautification Council Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Valerie Otto

Vice President
Carolyn Moriarty

Recording Secretary
Lyanne Augustyn

Andrew Korb


John Augustyn

Amy Brown

Hershell George

Anne Coyle Lemberger

Kelly Patterson

Johanna Redpath

Grayson Rueckert

Tara Smith Tyberg


Jack Bierwirth

Leslie Ann Corcoran

James Johnson

Tracy Lilly

George McKinnis

Lisa Sargent

Sarah Vorbach

Larry Vranka

A Brief History

In 1982 a group of Bronxville residents formed a committee for the purpose of preserving and enhancing the natural and man-made beauty of their Village. The goal was to improve public areas that were in need of weeding, cleaning and planting.  With participation from members of other Village-service organizations, the committee was able to make noticeable improvements in these areas.

The culmination of the year’s activities was celebrated in the month of May when the Village Board proclaims Beautification Week: a week-long flurry of activities carried out in conjunction with the Boy Scouts, Working Gardeners, Boulder Ledge, Junior League, League for Service, Women’s Club and Youth Council.

With incorporation in 1993, the Beautification Committee became the Bronxville Beautification Council (BBC), a not-for-profit organization. Since then we have been able to widen the scope of our projects. The BBC now raises funds through an annual appeal drive and garden party which is co-hosted with a local resident. Thanks to the community’s generosity and support,  the BBC has been able to add to our original underpass and traffic island planting projects with additional ones, such as the sponsored planters around the business district and collaborating on the landscaping for the newly opened Maltby Park.

The BBC continues to be a completely volunteer organization with no overhead expenses and to work closely with Village Hall, seeking its input and its approval. Our goal is to make our village beautiful for the wonder and enjoyment of our entire community.