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Our Active Projects

The BBC works on multiple projects throughout the village and partners with other local organizations including, The Working Gardeners and The Maltby Park Association. Some of our projects include the annual tulip plantings near the underpass, the spring and fall plantings at the traffic triangles, the sponsored planters around the business district, and support for the Bronx River Parkway’s Greenway Path.

Augmenting lamp posts and Bronxville’s roadway land islands

Concrete planters that are weeded, planted and managed by our volunteers

Your donations helping to beautify Bronxville

Transforming Our Community’s
Outdoor Spaces

The Bronxville Beautification Council began as an effort by local citizens and gardeners to impact the visual beauty, and the organization has a number of projects in the works. Our 50+ volunteers have planted over 5000 plants so far and counting.

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